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Innovative Governance in the Danube Region (InGov)

Fostering good governance in the Danube Region

The Danube region today faces many societal challenges, like migration, the inclusion of minorities or the transition towards sustainability. The InGov project, based on a review and evaluation of governance systems in Central and South-Eastern Europe, aims at fostering good governance by creating instruments that can help in using the existing potentials of the Danube region to their full capacity. The EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) calls for good governance and especially, under priority area 10, for a stepping up of institutional capacity and cooperation. The involvement of citizens and civil society has been recognized as crucial for finding solutions, which enjoy a perception of ownership by all relevant stakeholders. The InGov project will support and establish platforms and. These tools will. The InGov project promotes a rich selection of tools and platforms for exchange between policy-makers, experts, civil society actors and individual citizens, for a better and more continuous cooperation of all key actors to find solutions for the societal challenges faced in the Danube region. The project aims at fostering links and integration across four dimensions.


  • Foster Europe
  • Institute for Development and International Relations, Zagreb
  • Europa-Zentrum Baden-Württemberg e.V.
  • Euro-Institut, Kehl
  • Balkan Assist Associations and others
Wissenschaftsbereich(e): Politikwissenschaft
Forschungsschwerpunkt: Forschungsschwerpunkt 2: Transformationsprozesse. Qualität von Demokratien und Wirtschaftssystemen
Status des Projektes: Aktiv
Projektbeginn: 1. Januar 2016
2021-11 Dezember 2021 2022-1
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